At Hometown Mortgage, we strive to establish your confidence in us, build long term relationships and to earn referrals to your family and friends. Most importantly, we wish to successfully get you into the home of your dreams.

A great mortgage experience requires precise coordination of tasks, activities, documentation, and communication. 

Activities and tasks need to follow a specific sequence in order to achieve the milestones that move your application from the initial consult all the way to the closing of your loan. Each of the key participants involved has their own role and responsibility to keep the mortgage process on track.

It’s our goal to show you how the Hometown Mortgage experience will deliver industry-leading service levels. In order to close your loan in 30 days, we’ve mapped out the timeline, steps, and activities that will need to take place.

Check out our guide to Hometown Mortgage’s ideal mortgage experience to learn how we make home financing simple and stress-free.